La Muralla Roja

'A new world' - Modernism on Costa Blanca

On 03rd April 2017 I travelled to Eastern Spain for a 'holiday', however there are no holidays when your profession is also your hobby.  So I ended up shooting through several rolls of film and becoming quite obsessed with the abundance of modernist architecture basking in the sun on Costa Blanca.

The expressionist/modernist waves of the 20th century have always fascinated me, somewhat because of the art and architecture that accompanies such transitions of philosophical ambition.  The fact that people actively wanted to dream up new and better ways in which we can all live and lead our lives is a mission statement that I can certainly get on board with.  

Although to some extent many of the developments were follies, they do still stand as monuments to dreams of a better tomorrow.  Perhaps my generation still has much to learn from people like Ricardo Bofill (La Muralla Roja), Félix Candela and Santiago Calatrava (Valencia City of Art and Sciences), who's work features here and was a pleasure to shoot.