Hi I'm Matt and I'm a London based Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer.  Taking photographs has been a passion of mine ever since I purchased my very first camera when I was 19.  Over the course of the past ten years I've refined and developed my skills and approach to photography which has led me to working professionally on commercial assignments for bands, brands, public figures and publications.  

I'm confident in shooting with both a digital and film camera, but film photography has grown to be my specialty because I love the unique aesthetic it can deliver.

My portfolio showcases some of the best photographs I have taken over the past few years; photos that I believe inspire, provoke and illuminate.

The South of England is where I am readily available but I would be interested in working on projects further afield.  As you can see from my portfolio I've undertaken commercial projects internationally.

I'm always open to discuss people's photography requirements whether it's a simple portraiture assignment or a larger commercial marketing undertaking.  The key thing is that I would like to chat about what's important to you and how I can best deliver photography that meets your requirements so we can create something unique and original!

Please feel free to get in touch via email or telephone, you can also follow my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr pages to see more of my photography and contact me through those pages too if you prefer.


For commissions and general enquiries please contact Matthew via the following:  

Twitter:  @Matt_Willcocks

Instagram:  @matthew_willcocks

Facebook:  Matthew Willcocks

Email:  info@matthewwillcocks.com

Telephone:  (+44) 0745 057 1140