Photo by  Ben Miles

Photo by Ben Miles


Over ten years ago I purchased my very first 'serious' camera, a battered-up Cosina CSM. Needless to say, my first few rolls were of a standard suitable for the nearest bin/trash can/garbage can, whichever your descriptive preference.

However, I'm a stickler for working things out and I simply couldn't let this slide. So, over the course of the next ten years Photography became my obsession, I pushed myself to continually improve. Soon enough I was shooting editorial and commercial stuff for clients such as Penfield USA, ONLY NY, INDIE Magazine, RAINS, Next Management and Monokel Eyewear.

Recently I've had some work selected and displayed at a Magnum Photo's 'Swap Shop' Exhibition in London. Not bad for a guy who couldn't correctly expose a shot of the Colosseum in Rome ten years back.

When I'm not at home obsessing over what my favourite film grain is or watching Paris, Texas on repeat, you can find me out wandering the streets of London and the coastal paths of South Devon shooting and scouting out fresh locations.


ONFILM MAGAZINE - February 2018

CreativPaper - December 2017

Sustainable Fashion Journal - September 2017

INDIE Magazine - March 2017

the ones 2 watch - February 2017

The Fix Analogue Magazine - September 2015

Young Leo Magazine - May 2015

Lo-Fi Mag - April 2015

Photo Professional Magazine - February 2015


Magnum Photos Swap Shop - 2017




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