Social Voids - September 2014

Model:  Lily Woollard

Model:  Lily Woollard

September has been and gone, where the hell has all this time disappeared too!!??  I'm steadily coming to terms with the fact that i'm awful at keeping these blog posts up to date.  

Okay, so heres what's happening at the moment. I've decided to undertake a little personal project entitled 'Social Voids'.  Essentially this series of shots will explore my fascination with all that 'inbetween/alone' time we spend whilst away from our social media feeds and close friends/family.  I believe that we must spend far greater time in this reality alone than we do in social activities, yet we don't really tend to remember all this alone time.  So we lose track of a huge part of what makes us, us!  

That in a nutshell is what I intend to work on and complete by December.

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