November 2015 - Formulation of Fresh Thinking (One Roll & Beyond Reality)

As can so often happen we run through our lives at breakneck speeds only to find we've gone full circle and are right back at the beginning of the story.  I guess the past couple years have been a frantic learning curve.  I've undertaken project after project, working across the world and meeting some amazing people along the way.  This journey has lead me to a very poignant moment where I am aware that change needs to happen.

I now need to focus on the importance of contextualising my approach to the work I produce.  Creating pretty photo's is all well and good but if there's no meaning, no depth or forethought to the approach then what does this really represent and what does it say about me?

One Roll

As is abundantly obvious i'm fascinated by film photography.  As a means to begin the process of fresh thinking and regaining my creative focus, i've decided to undertake a personal 'One Roll' project.  I feel that the concept of having to create 36 original, contextual shots will help me push myself and create a thought process of deeper thinking.  

I will shoot on Monday 07th December in London.  Everything will be shot on 35mm film with my Nikon F100 camera.  

I'm excited to head back to the city that gave me the creative kick up the ass.  I'm essentially going back to the beginning in an attempt to rediscover my child like curiosity of film photography.  This I believe is the best preparation ahead of the new year and should hopefully uncover a change in my thought process along with instil a fresh approach to my work.

Beyond Reality

I've been gathering my thoughts about the future, my future.  Something that has always intrigued me is my interaction with reality and my understanding of how this thing called consciousness operates.

Recently I discovered the work of a Writer called Graham Hancock who has written extensively about human consciousness.  This guys work has had a profound influence on the way I've thought about my conscious reality and my interactions within this dimension we call our reality.  Each and everyone of us experiences our own version of reality, and each of us have the power to influence change within other peoples lives and therefore create new ways for their version of reality to proceed.  

This got me thinking about my work and the power it has to unravel the preconceived ideals of what we consider a 'normal' version of reality and consciousness.  In simplistic and obvious terms we're all living in a world that isn't entirely of our choosing or indeed of our own conscious creation.  We instead inherit ideas, habits, addictions and much more from the past, we recycle this time and time again and we very rarely break the chain.  We accept the influence set from the decisions made from our ancestors.  We are intricately woven into a collective consciousness that dates back thousands of years.  To quote Cloud Atlas 'Our lives are not our own.  From womb to tomb we are bound to others past and present.'

I want to create a body of work that can have some kind of impact where our collective consciousness can take note.  I want to discover our realms of reality and try to perceive it beyond the 'normality' set from the current status quo of collective thinking.  Essentially this project will explore entirely abstract and original perspectives.

I aim to start shooting this project at the beginning of January 2016.


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