Portobello Salon, Organica Natural Beauty - August 2015

After a long while in planning I finally got around to conducting a Bridal Shoot for the ladies at Portobello Salon & Organica Natural Beauty.  I had booked this commission way back in June.  After months of planning and rigorous location scouting Plan A was well and truly torn up due to the horrendous weather across the South West through late August.  Therefore we put Plan B into action with a studio element to the editorial and making use of the breaks in the rain to shoot what we could out on location.

I was fairly anxious over shooting in a studio as this would be my first commission doing so.  After a few early nerves and saying to myself "oh shit, oh shit" a few times over in my head I got into the swing of things.  I found my feet relatively swiftly and I thoroughly enjoyed the ease at which I could manage the lighting.  Thankfully my Model, Beth Benger was a dream to work with which further calmed my nerves and made for a really fun and enjoyable shoot.

I can't thank the ladies from this shoot enough, all of which put in so much effort and worked so solidly throughout a long and damp day. 

Special thanks and mentions:

Mel Chalk 

Alex Sim-Wise

Beth Benger

Claire Austin

Iona May

Grace Eley

Matthew WillcocksComment