Testing - Shooting in London

Christian (D1 Models)

Christian (D1 Models)

At the end of October I decided to relocate back to London in order to push my career forward.  After three years living in the remote and idilic surroundings of Devon I've grown restless and feel like I need to make a change in order to improve and take on more complex challenges in my life.

Through out November and December I will be finding my feet and testing in London.  So far i've shot a couple test shoots for D1 Models (Christian & Ben).  My aim is to take on a lot more and i've now identified a couple Stylists to collaborate with which will make my life a hell of a lot easier.  To date i've been doing everything by myself and it's obvious the styling side of things has suffered greatly.  I'm excited to see what I can produce over the next few months!

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