You and The Night

As the sun sets and the street lights slowly flicker on, something in my mind comes alive.  I'm fascinated by that instant mood change that the enveloping darkness can have over people.

  "I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours." - Hunter S. Thompson

My explanation is that for a short period of time whilst our senses are still adapting to the change in atmosphere and darkness, we all feel a sense of release.  The unknown is a captivating place and when we explore through the night it's like we've been transported to an entirely new version of reality.  Things seem familiar but they're also very different.  This fascination of the night and the sense of this mood change is what motivated me to capture these shots for my personal work 'You and The Night'.

Unlike the peaceful settings of the rural night, a City becomes an entirely different beast.  The momentary loss of clear and perfect vision places extra burden on your hearing to figure details out, suddenly we can hear conversations from across the street, laughter bellowing from a nearby pub or restaurant, the sirens of a nearby police car screeches through your soul like nails scratching down a slab of slate.  We become wired and slightly on edge, although we don't tend to recognise it, we know something changes and evolves in us.

I like to think that this state of mind is a much closer representation of human consciousness than what is projected during the day light hours.  For these shots I wanted to capture a sense of curiosity, both from Greta and for those looking through the shots.  The way the light glows on film fascinates me! 


Model - Greta Matusaitė

Makeup - Edvinas Maciulis