Lonely Boy



In early June 2016 I decided to undertake a new personal project entitled 'Lonely Boy'.  This is the male orientated editorial which is part of a dual focused guy/girl series of editorials.  The girls 'Young Dreams' project was concluded earlier this year.

Whenever I commence a project or a direction of thinking with the intention to explore my thoughts and creativity, it comes with an all too familiar sense of anxiety and self doubt.  I'm making a point on this project to work with individuals that have a very similar mindset and outlook on life as my own.  The sentiment of abstract thinkers and those with the ability to avoid conformity and be free with the expression of individuality has always been an appealing asset to me.

I feel like retaining a sense of self awareness and individuality in the current British/Western format of society is a brutally challenging task.  From a very early age we're taught to conform through the Education system along with a media bombardment via social media, magazines and tv.  I really feel like the days of society being capable of creating Bowie's, Hendrix's & Bob Marley's is long gone.  Instead we must subscribe to the peer pressure of Vlogs, or buying that latest new tech gadget that someone we don't like posted about on their social media feed.

I'm trying to identify those unique personalities that are confident enough to look beyond the current confines of what today's society offers and instead pave a path of their own.