Diffracted ideas of self

Kayla Speck, From my work in 2015 entitled 'From this Valley'

Kayla Speck, From my work in 2015 entitled 'From this Valley'

Western society's ever present glamorisation of individualism and egotistical ideas of 'self' couldn't be more misplaced.

Each and everyone of our lives are the result of collective decision making that span's hundreds, NO, thousands of years!  Our lives are not our own, but rather the result of decisions made by hundreds of generations that came before us.

Therefore, I find the ideology of collectivism far more comforting than the self indulgent appetite for individualism, that is very apparent in society today.  

We each have far more in common with one another than that which makes us individuals on lonely social media islands.  Divisive marketing tactics from a corporate level tune into the human desire of tribalistic acceptance from our kin.  Subsequently for a price we can buy products and lifestyles that will make us compatible with society and those we wish to befriend. 

What we can all loosely see is that the illusion of well-being within this false individualism led reality is destroying our civilisation.  We're each slowly sailing into a future totally and utterly devoid of real connection with deep felt emotions that leads to a tangible and honest sense of attachment to one another.  But rather we're slowly lacking compassion and attachment to what really defines this reality, you, me, we, US!  

Is it right that we spend more of our lives worrying about scrolling through an online catalogue to purchase that new pair of designer shoes endorsed by that celeb thats 'hot right now'!? When we could be taking the time and consideration to read and research the lines of causation which have led to hundreds of people burning to death in a block of flats that tragically recently took place in London...?

Call it wishful thinking, but I want to subscribe to a progressive agenda, one that holds the advancement of the health, wealth, emotional and mental well being of others above the greed of individualism.